Waste Management & Recycling Consulting

Fine Recycling is a Toronto based recycling company that also offers consulting services on Waste Management, Recycling and more. Below are some of our programs.

Waste Diversion Programs

  • Comprehensive waste audits & waste reduction plans
  • Customized recycling programs tailored to meet your needs
  • Training programs and signage for employee participation
  • Assistance in promoting and marketing a sound environmental policy
  • Compliance with government recycling guidelines

Waste Diversion Tips

  • Conduct an environment audit to discover how to reduce the amount of material sent to landfill
  • Create an action plan with achievable goals and specified time frames
  • Get buy-in from employees. Involve them in the process. Provide continuous education and information. 
  • Provide the proper tools, such as signage and recycling bins in numerous locations. Reducing waste will be easier to achieved if it’s convenient.
  • Use tough love. If employees don’t comply with recycling rules, don’t allow their waste to be taken out.
  • Educate clients and customers about your waste diversion strategy and consider producing an annual publication, such as a sustainability report, which clearly spells out achievements
  • Work with Fine Recycling to set new goals for further waste reduction


Waste Management Strategy

About Us:

Fine Recycling develops and services waste management programs such as plastic recycling, organic waste recycling, industrial metal recycling and many other recycling program for all business types.

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